N°1072 The Oi Polloi !!, 2018, signé, one of original hand painted canvas

2 100,00 CHF

Fiche technique

Type peinture
acrylique sur toile
Genre de peinture - école
Street Art
Dimensions en cm sans cadres
90 x 90

Drewbert Art

This is the official page for DrewBert ART
.All pictures are one off, big hand painted originals on big box canvas, no prints available, using acrylics, spray paint, graffiti pens and whatever else is lying about
.I prefer Molotow, Posca and Montana materials
.The soundtrack to my painting is lots of early 90's straight edge hardcore, punk, metal and conspiracy theory videos on you tube
!InflueNCes: None,it's all in my head and starts with a blank canvas. I know nothing about art
.All art is for sale although a lot of the art displayed has already been sold
.I will post new pics as soon as I finish them
!Feel free to contact me for more details https://www.facebook.com/pg/drewbertart/about/?ref=page_internal

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