N°1 Ugly Duck, 2017, signé

1 500,00 CHF

Fiche technique

Type peinture
Techniques mixtes
Genre de peinture - école
Street Art
Dimensions en cm sans cadres
100 x 120

Folkers Michiel aka Gieler

n the late 90’s Michiel (aka Gieler) began experimenting with graffiti in Amsterdam. For years, he remained active with spraying letters on walls. When he got older, graffiti evolved in streetart and he also starts with experimenting on canvas. InflueNCes of the streets always kept returning and can still be recognized in his current work. His collage works are always provided with posters he collects from walls out of the streets. ‘Sustainable art’, and it gives an edgy and living character to the painting”. Besides Michiel likes to work with old streetposters, he is also using other old material, like damaged brushes, blunt stanleyknives or other older (sometimes) broken tools. “By working with older tools the results are more surprising and exciting and the creations are more unique than creating everything by the rules ….” In addition of using posters Michiel also still works with aerosol and steNCiling. Screenprinting is also commonly used technique in his work. https://michielfolkers.com/

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