N°50 Queen Pink, 2018, signé

900,00 CHF

Fiche technique

Type peinture
Techniques mixtes
Genre de peinture - école
Pop Art
Dimensions en cm sans cadres
80 x 60

Ferra Marco

La follia e’ un bene prezios
oMarco Ferra, aka El hombre del árbo
lPainting and drawing siNCe I was child, I’ve got an education in classical oil painting and figurative drawing. I attended courses with different artists and at art schools like Naba and Maimeri foundation. I’ve always worked on human body, drawing and painting it. Vegan siNCe 2010, I’ve focused my painting works on animal subject and his importaNCe in our world. Art is a good way to explain why animals (iNCluding human being animals) and life are so beautiful
.I usually say to myself: “Non so cosa voglio, ma lo voglio. (I don’t know what I want, but I want it)” https://www.marcoferra.de/x/?page_id=10

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