Akanayev Ruslan

Work of Ruslan Akanayev. introduce the viewer to a kind of parallel space. In the decorative solution of paintings reveals the idea of harmony of material and philosophical, as a representation of the duality of the world. "The artist embodies in reality the color relations of tonal and spatial solutions, leaving the silhouettes to preserve the logic of the relationship between the object and the environment, as the laws of "being". Built into a special field of existeNCe, human figures are marked by a subtle outline. The silhouette acts as a part of the infinity of time and space. Color defines the object and the environment, and the senses and the imagination give a flight of poetic thought", – shared his impressions about the work of Ruslan Akanayev. the art historian Olga Pashko
. http://astana.gov.kz/en/news/news/16830

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